Sunday, October 9, 2011

Week 4 Recap

This was this morning.  I met up with my running buddy Rebecca (there she is walking the wall).  It was dark when I got up and I actually was dreading running the trail in the dark. But by the time we rolled up it was light out and we were just dealing with a little fog.  But the fog made for a really pretty run.  We encountered some snails, as well as a baby deer.  It was a great run.  I enjoyed running with my buddy, even though we don't actually talk while we run.  It's just nice to have foots pounding next to me.

This weeks workouts went great overall.  I had a rough week at work and having my running during my day was such a relaxer for me.  I felt great that I wasn't taking time away from my kids by running when I came home from work.  And I had more time in the evenings too.

Monday - Strength and Stretch.  So I hit up Jillian Michaels for some Power Yoga.  It kicks my butt every time.  I was feeling it in my arms for days afterwards. But I love how I am able to hold poses a little bit longer than last week.

Tuesday - Run 3.5 miles, 11:09 avg pace.  I hit the Jordan River Parkway by my work for a lunchtime run.  It was beautiful weather.  Cool but not wet.  The miles felt pretty easy.  My hip was still a little sore so I didn't want to push my pace.

Wednesday - Run 2 miles, 10:12 avg pace.  I hit the Jordan River Parkway again. Since it was a short distance and it was drizzling with rain when I headed out, I attempted to push it a little more speed wise to see how the hip felt.  Overall it still felt great. And I liked being able to let loose with my legs a little bit.

Thursday - Run 3.5 miles, 10:39 avg pace.  Same time, same bat station.  This day sucked.  As the time approached lunch I was itching to get out the door and runaway from it all.  This run was EXACTLY what I needed to clear my head and start the afternoon fresh.  This was a huge moment for me this week.  Like another, "I'm a runner" milestone.  I NEEDED that run!

Friday - Rest Day. 

Saturday - 40 mins Cross Training.  I headed out on my bike.  Pedaled out 7.76 miles.  I felt the burn in my thighs which was good.  But man I wasn't prepared well.  I regretted not having my heart rate strap on.  I really want to get a better idea of how many calories I'm burning on the bike.  I wished I had had music.  I also need to invest in a pair of cushion-y bike shorts.

Sunday - 5 miles, 11:48 avg pace.  Felt great.  My hip is really starting to feel better which was good.  The slower pace was nice too.  When we run our half marathon in December our goal is about a 12 min pace.  So these long runs at this pace are right on.

So Week 4 of my Half Marathon training plan is complete. 

Up next week:

Monday - Yoga
Tuesday - 4 miles
Wednesday - 2 miles
Thursday - 4 miles
Friday - Rest Day
Saturday - I'm racing a 5K.  Supposed to do Cross Training for 40 min.
Sunday - Supposed to be 6 miles.

The 5K is kind of throwing a wrench in my schedule.  I could either run the course twice on Saturday and then move my cross training to Sunday.  Or my 5K that's supposed to be my run next weekend, bump that up a week and then just move my 6 miles to the following weekend.  I need to figure it out before the weekend for sure.

Anyone have any suggestions??

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  1. Kerry, I think I need to sign a model release before you go posting more pics of me. LOL! You said, "oh, I'll be right behind you." Nice pic of the foggy river though. It was a good run even though my foot hurt (and still does). I had a nice long nap later too. :)


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