Friday, October 14, 2011

Five Things Friday

Since I haven't mastered the ability to post daily I'm loving this Five Things Friday concept.  I can dump my thoughts over the week into one big post.  So here we go ...

1.  Last night as I was watching the end of Private Practice I saw the teaser for the evening news.  It read, "Weightloss Code Cracked".  My jaw dropped.  Really?  Seriously?  Why do they put this crap on the news?  These kinds of things always get my blood to instant boil.  It makes me so mad that people are this stupid.  I hate that the media contributes to this ongoing misconception.  There is NO CODE people.  There is no secret!  It's simple.

A.  Eat Less
Don't eat the super size of everything.  Eat until you are satisfied, not grossly full.
I'm not saying you can't ever eat a Big Mac.  Just not for lunch 5 days a week.

B.  Eat Fresh
Avoid a lot of the processed stuff.
Fruits and Vegetables .. a great place to start.

C.  Get some Exercise
Move your body.  You don't have to run marathons right away. Just get moving.

Why do people act like losing weight is some secret?  Some code that needs to be cracked?  I wish all these pills and potions that promise weight loss went through some more vigorous testings or had to be doctor prescribed .. something.  And I get that there are exceptions.  My own daughter is an exception. But for the vast majority of the countries population it's really this simple.

2.  I really wish that more race organizers were publishing 2012 race dates.  I am itching to plan next year and there are few places that have dates announced yet.  So far I'm thinking the following as far as "bigger" races.  Remember I'm only running my first half marathon in December.

April 2012 - Salt Lake City Half Marathon

June 2012 - Run Like a Girl Half Marathon (Boise, ID)

August 2012 - Hobble Creek Half Marathon (Springville, UT)

October 2012 - The Pink Series Half Marathon  (Park City, UT)

I feel like these are spread out pretty well.  I would also like to try and sign up for one of the Disney Half Marathon's that registration opens up for in early 2012 for the following year.

3.  I have a new favorite and somewhat addictive website I've been frequenting.  Running Warehouse.  This week I ordered a running jacket, some Winter pants, gloves and a pony hat.  I was SO close to ordering some pants and a jacket from Lululemon because I adore everything on their website. But they're SO pricey.  For about half of what I would have spent at Lululemon I got all that other stuff from Running Warehouse.  I will eventually order from Lululemon because their stuff is SO darn cute. But for now I needed to make that money go farther in preparation for a Utah Winter of running.  But I REALLY want one of these and one of these.  And I haven't quite figured out this store versus showroom deal?  Apparently we have a showroom here in SLC, but it's not an actual store. I need to pop over there one day and check it out.  And also, why do things disappear off their website so quickly?  There one day, gone the next.

4.  I'm proud of myself today.  I had Subway for lunch. And while I was tempted to order a $5 Footlong.  Because (a) I can eat the whole thing and (b) it's such a good deal!  But alas, I held back and ordered only a 6 inch and got a bag of baked Lays to go with it.  While I knew I COULD eat the footlong, I also knew I SHOULDN'T eat the footlong.  So I took the option away.  Because let's be honest, if I had bought the footlong because it was a good deal with the "plan" to only eat half .. I would have eaten the whole thing because it tastes so darn good.  So I consider that an eating success today.

5.  I began a Running Journal.

There are so many things I come across on all the blogs I read that I want to remember and so I book mark the whole post so that I can refer back to it.  But then I also come across little pieces of info in my Runners World magazines that I want to remember too.  I also remember coming across a post by someone else about their own running journal and so I figured this would really be a good thing for me. I can write down the little tid bits.  And cut and past anything bigger that I want to refer back to. So far I'm loving it.  And my hope is that it will make me a better runner.

I'm linking up this happy Friday over with Jill at Fitness Friday Blog Hop.  So hop on over and share some comment love!!  Also, if this is your first visit to see me .. thanks for stopping by, I hope that I didn't bore you, please come again soon!

Does anyone else get irritated with all the miracle weight-loss drugs??


  1. I am with you on that tv headline.

    I think your idea of a running journal is a really good one. Wish I had done that.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. I'm with you on the news headline. What a load of junk. There's no secret.

    Cool idea on the running journal.

  3. I love the running journal! I keep one on the computer but then I can't really cut stuff out and put it in there. But it not only helps me remember tips from other people, but I also put in what I ate, how I felt after, what I used for fuel and how much water I drank so if it works or doesn't work, I can remember. Because it is hard to keep track of it all!

    I agree. Eat less, eat healthy and EXERCISE!

  4. I haven't graduated from walking to running, but love the idea of keeping a walking journal.

    I've never bought into the "miracle" weight loss scams. To me it's all a matter of move more and eat less.
    Here's Mine

  5. LOL... yeah... there're no secrets and no magic... no special 'code'... those kinds of headlines/promises always irk me.

    A running journal is a great idea... you will find it so helpful :)

  6. Yes on the frustration with the latest and greatest weight loss secret/miracles! It's actually quite simple (like you said).

    I've been trying to plan my 2012 race calendar too. Trying to decide if my goal of a half/month is doable and I need dates to make that decision. Looking at your plans you should join me! 12 in 2012!

    Love your idea of a running journal. So much good info it's hard to keep track.

    Congrats on your eating success for the day :)

  7. I'm a subway junkie and always get the six inch. When I think about the foot long I stop because I don't want to get in the habit of eating that much. Sounds like you have a great schedule lined up.

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