Friday, October 7, 2011

I had a moment.

This week has been a very interesting running week.  Here in Utah we've officially moved from Summer temperatures of 90+ to Fall temperatures of 50-60 degrees this week.  I remember when I first moved to Salt Lake City I noticed how the seasons literally changed overnight.  This year was no exception.  Through the summer I logged a great deal of my miles on my treadmill.  My mill and I had a beautiful relationship.  Then a friend of mine at work showed me the short cut to a local train close to work. I have been LOVING my lunch time running.  So to follow suit on some other wonderful ladies posts I'm going to give you ... 

Five Things Friday!

 (I feel weird that I have lipstick on in this picture.
But I was in such a rush to get out the door that I forgot to wipe it off and then had nothing to wipe it off with.)

1.  I love running on my lunch break from work because it means that when I go home from work in the evening I'm not rushing to get my treadmill miles in while juggling my four kiddos who just want to play.

2.  I love running on my lunch break from work also because it means that we eat dinner at 7pm rather than 8pm.  I'm gaining an hour in the evenings when I get home.

3.  I love the scenery.  When heading south on the trail it's absolutely beautiful. There's lots of tree coverage giving some shade.  There's some rolling hills which makes my legs feel strong.  It's not too crowded but also not to scary since I'm running solo.

4.  I'm sure some of you have seen the Facebook picture of the girl accompanied by the story about the Mermaid and the Whale.  It's a cute story. But .. there's something about the comments I've seen that go along with it that bugs me.  Women who go on to say they shouldn't be judged for their weight, that they wear their rolls with pride because of the 3 kids they've had.  Etc.  I know .. I know I'll probably get hate mail in my comments section on this one.  But it bugs me that people jump on that as a way to justify their weight.  It's not so much the weight itself, but it's about being a healthier you.  And these are women who haven't put in the work to lose that baby weight.  And seriously, coming from me .. who has birthed 4 children it's WORK to lose that weight.  I 100% agree that we shouldn't all be judged by how we look, but at the same time I struggle with people using having kids as an excuse for being overweight.

5.  I had an Ah ha moment this week.  Yesterday specifically.  The morning was personally and professionally BAD.  Just one of those days.  Everything seemed to go wrong.  I felt emotionally drained.  I had 3.5 miles on my schedule for the day.  And for the first time I needed to run those miles. I needed to hit the pavement.  I needed to clear my head.  I needed to recharge.  My run was AWESOME.  That's the very first time that I have dealt with stress by using running as my cure.  I knew once I ran I would feel better.  And when I say I needed, I literally mean that I felt like I truly couldn't wait to get out and run.  In a way, I feel like it was an "I have arrived .. as a runner." moment. I had heard all these stories from other running blogs about how they just "have" to run.  But I really didn't feel that way.  But this week that changed for me.  And today is Friday, today is my rest day and dare I say I missed running at lunch today?

We had drizzly weather yesterday and it was perfect for a run.  Doesn't this path look heavenly?

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Am I the only one that that Facebook picture dealy rubs a little bit the wrong way?
What about Ah ha moments?  Tell me about one of yours if you would.


  1. I haven't seen the picture...will have to look for it!

    I would love to run during lunch. You're right it just lets you go home and relax! I also would love to run and get away from work each day...especially with that scenery! I'm so glad you had that moment this week!

  2. I wish I could run at lunch. There isn't time for me and I work in almost the ghetto so it probably isn't safe either.

    I totally agree with you on #4. It is a lot of work to lose the baby weight - but it can be done!

  3. That path does look heavenly. And that pic on FB would have bugged me if I had seen it. When people say they are overweight because of babies, I think of Catey from Random Thoughts from the Zoo who has 8 babies and looks like a supermodel. No excuses! My recent a-ha is actually good. :)


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