Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Monkey Arms?

As the weather turns to cooler temperatures here in Salt Lake I'm looking to stock up on a few long sleeve shirts for those colder outdoor runs.  As such I picked up a couple this weekend.  Because here in Salt Lake we change seasons pretty much overnight.  So this week the temps are scheduled to drop and I wanted to be prepared. 

So what things does one look for in a long sleeve shirt?

Personally I like the idea of the longer sleeves with the little thumb holes.  The thought of my hands staying toasty warm is nice.  But well .. I guess I kind of have long arms.  Longer than average perhaps?  I've always struggled getting long sleeve shirts that are long enough for my arms.  I guess running gear is no exception.  I picked up this little fancy from Target. I really liked the color.  And the fabric was super soft too.

Can you kind of see where there's a little tension at the thumb joint area?

So I guess instead I won't have my thumb poked in that cute little hole where it will keep me all warm and toasty. Instead there will be this random hole where cool air comes in.  Not good.

Well, I also got another little three quarter zip from Costco.  It also has the cute thumb holes.  I purposefully bought the size large (I'm actually more of a medium) so that I could hopefully get a little more length in the arms.  For said .. MONKEY like arms.  The Costco one was FABULOUS!  Perfectly long enough.  To which I say, maybe my arms aren't monkey-like after all.  I plan to go back and get another color.  I got boring black because, well honestly, there was this older couple totally taking up all the space in front of the display. I reached in and just grabbed the first size L I could see.  I wanted to ask them to please make ROOM for other people who may also want to purchase the cute running shirts for people with MONKEY arms.  And this couple was seriously loading up their cart!

Anyway, I wore the Costco one today on my 4.5 mile lunch run, it was PERFECT.  Not too hot, not to cold.  No weird tension like feeling in my thumb joint.  And I had an AWESOME run.  I even had a lady stop me to ask if I wanted a kitten because she saw one up the trail a little ways.  Umm .. really ma'am I don't want a kitten #1, and #2 do you think I'm going to run with said kitten the 2.25 miles back to work?

Umm .. no .. not so much.  She was a nice old lady though. I wanted to tell her when I passed her on my way back that I never even saw the kitten, therefore we should assume that someone that DID want a kitten picked it up and took it home and gave it a nice warm dish of cream to drink.  The end.

Does anyone else have extra long arms?  Like those that could be compared to Apes?


  1. Nope, don't have extra long or ape arms. Both my long sleeved shirts are great cause they are long enough to cover my hands if i want them to. One is a new balance and the other is Nike. I have to make a real effort not to buy more gear. It's so addicting!

  2. I don't think I can do long sleeves for a run. Thankfully So Cal weather allows me to wear tank tops for running almost all year. I do love most anything from Costco, so I'm sure it's a good one.

  3. LOL - according to my husband I have t-rex arms! So I don't have that problem.


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