Sunday, October 2, 2011

Running with Trepidation

Well after registering for my first Half Marathon this past Tuesday of course injury struck.

Weekly Training Plan:

Monday - Yoga, check
Tuesday - 3.5 miles, at home on treadmill check
Wednesday - 2 miles easy, at home on treadmill check
Thursday - 3.5 miles, at work on treadmill check
** however this is where the injury came in**
It was really weird.  This treadmill running at the same settings I do at home.
And it felt significantly harder.  I didn't stress too much.  I figured it was probably a good thing to throw in some harder runs.  You know .. adding in different elements to my training.  I figured it would be good for me.  However, about the last half mile my hip starting to feel a twinge of pain.  Nothing bad at all.  I just figured it was from the extra effort I was putting in.  Then as the night progressed it got significantly worse.  I was literally hobbling by the time I went to bed.  I tried ice and ibuprofen and pretty much got zero relief.  I was so glad that the next day was a scheduled rest day.
Friday - Rest Day, embraced fully check!
Saturday - 40 min cross training on my bike, not checked.
I decided to take a second rest day.  I was feeling slightly better.  But ran out of daylight before I had time to get out on the bike.  So it worked out that I just didn't go.  We walked around Cornbelly's with the kids for several hours so I was up and moving which I think was good.
Sunday - 5 miles long run, Jordan River Parkway check

I set out at noon today.  Headed down to the river parkway in search of some flat running.
I was fully prepared to stop soon into the run.  My hip felt better.  Just a dull kind of ache.
I fully intended to run slow.  12 min mile was my goal.
I maintained my pace well and felt awesome.
There was still a somewhat dull ache the whole time in my hip.
But it never got worse and the 5 miles felt really easy.  I'm sure the slower pace helped that feeling.
But since I'll be running with my friend Rebecca in Vegas our goal is to maintain about a 12 min pace.
So this was good practice.
I was relieved that I was able to get the long miles in.  I really didn't want to skip my long run this week.
I'm also glad that tomorrow is just yoga.  So I'll have a light workout tomorrow before more running on Tuesday.

All in all it was a good week.  Besides missing my Saturday cross training I feel good about my overall training for preparation of the Half in a couple months.
And today was the perfect weather to run outside.  Breezy and warm, but not hot.
I'll be sad when running outside isn't an option for my long runs.

Up this week is a repeat of last week.

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