Monday, October 3, 2011

Just Chillin'

I kind of feel like I've graduated in a way.
I used to carefully put together playlists for my iPod.
Playlists to get me through my runs.  Give me power when I needed it.
Last week however I experienced a shift.
On my training plan I had 3.5 miles.  
Not 6 months ago 3.1 miles was something I worked hard to get to.
I needed those songs to help push me over the walls.

But now .. 3.5 miles is .. dare I say easy?
I didn't need Lady GaGa to push me.

So in a way I feel like I have graduated.
Now I am using my "Chill" playlist to put my mind in a place of relaxation.
Easy breathing.
Slow miles.
Enjoy those miles.

So yesterday I ran my long run with some:

Ray LaMontagne
Damien Rice
Jack and Ingrid

Just a few of my close friends.
It was nice.

It is a reminder that I'm a runner.
And I don't feel weird calling myself that.

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  1. It's so funny you should mention this because lately my cached stations on have been causing me problems. It seems to play only a few songs on my playlist so I end up listening to the same songs sometimes three times. The first week of half marathon training this bothered me but now, it doesn't affect my run at all. Although some songs I can see make an impact as I feel compelled to run faster. :) I was also noticing this past Sunday that I didn't really notice that "wall" anymore. Yay for us!!!


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