Hi, my name is Kerry.

How does one describe oneself?  I am a mother to 4 kids, 5 if you count my husband.  I work 50+ hours per week outside of my house.  After the birth of my 4th child I, on a whim, announced at a family dinner that I was going to run a 5K 12 weeks after I was "allowed" to start training.  All of my kids were delivered c-section thanks to my first.  My only daughter, Baylee set the road for the rest.  Baylee was born with a genetic condition called Prader-Willi Syndrome.  And this is the biggest reason I started to run.  Because of PWS Baylee will have to seriously fight to maintain her weight.  Her mind tells her that she is ALWAYS hungry.  We have locks on our food at home.  For the safety of my oldest child.

When my youngest, Oliver, came along I knew he would be my last and so it was time to reclaim my body.  I had dabbled in running when I lived in California.  The furthest I had ran was 4 miles.  This was when I was in my prime, fresh out of high school.  I've always been athletic.  Played multiple sports growing up.  But running made me work HARD.  Since then I've ran 2 5K's and plan to run a 10K before the end of summer.  Since I live in Utah now the "prime" running season is wrapping up.  My goal for next year is a Half Marathon. I have a wicked left knee that likes to give me lots of problems.  I am optimistic however that I can overcome this.

What you will hopefully find on this blog is not just my journey to fitness but also the journey that I drive for Baylee.  She won't even choose to eat within her means.  She won't even choose to exercise.  So I choose it for the both of us.  That usually means that I come home from work, and I quickly jump on the treadmill to get MY run in.  Then I hop off and plop her on the treadmill for her walk.  I then have to sit right next to her while she walks.  Then it's time to fix dinner for the family..  Did I mention I also have 3 boys (5 yrs, 3 yrs, and under 1 yr)?  Clean up the hurricane that passed through while us girls were getting our exercise on.  Then prepare Baylee's meals for the next day, as well as my own (and often my husbands .. I know .. so 1950's).  Then off to bed I go. 

And so we have cook.clean.RUN.dream .. not necessarily always in the same order.
Then .. rinse and repeat the next day.  But I love my life. I love my kids, I love my husband (some days more than others) and I love to run.  Put my ear buds in and tune out the yelling while I get my run on.

Welcome to my blog .. I hope you come back!