Saturday, August 13, 2011

A moment.

So I totally had a moment last night.
I came home from work and just didn't want to cook.
You know how it is after a long week of work.  Friday's are the worst.
As far as motivation to cook a good meal.
Jeramie suggested La Frontera for dinner.
I was so weak .. I agreed.  I LOVE La Frontera.
And I had a Groupon that had to get used!

So I negotiated with myself.
IF I got on the treadmill and ran 4 miles I would let myself have La Frontera.

Smothered burrito with rice and beans.
I know, I know .. there is something seriously wrong with this.
I should be fueling my body.
But MAN did I want that burrito.

Well I paid the price my friends!
I have NEVER in my life felt like I would throw up from eating too much.
Until last night.
My belly was so round!
I seriously wanted to barf.
I didn't.
But I wanted to.

Lesson learned.
I really know better than to do this. But it was just SO good.
One of the biggest lessons I've learned this year is to really ask myself this:
"Am I still eating because it tastes so good, or because I'm still hungry?"
It works most of the time.
And truly if I'm being honest, I knew I was eating because it tasted good.
At least I wasn't kidding myself!

Do you ever do that?
Negotiate with yourself, if I run then .... fill in the blank friends.


  1. I negotiate things like that all the time. I love Mexican food - espeically an order of fajitas...I remember when I was heavier I used to eat the entire thing. Now I eat 1-2 and I am stuffed. Leftovers are the best - just tell yourself that next time. Enjoy it but enjoy the leftovers the next day.

  2. we had this awesome mexican place in KC and yes I totally made deals like mmmm burrito on Monday if I finish my long run this weekend :)


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