Friday, August 12, 2011


Today is a good day.
A while back I read this in an article in Runners World magazine:

"The best day of running is not the day you start yourself,
but the day you get someone else to join you."
This really resonated with me as I had recently talked my friend Rebecca into giving it a go.
When I first started she said to me, "I could never do that."
At the time I thought to myself, yes you can.  But I didn't push.
Because you know how if you push too hard that it will make people even more resistant?
Well she downloaded the C25K app, same as I used.
And she started her journey.
She quickly picked up a cute running skirt (because they just add a degree of SASS).
Now has a heart rate monitor.  Good running shoes (or 3 pair .. just sayin')
The girl is INVESTING and I LOVE it.

She's gonna run the Racing Cane event with me in September.
It will be her first race. 
I haven't decided if I will run the 5K with her or up the anti to a 10K.

But today was the best part.
Today she sent me an email that read:

"Kerry, I LOVE LOVE that you got me to do this!  Thank you!!  I can't believe I can do this now when I'm 32 but couldn't do it when I was 18. Go figure.  I know if I had an app back then to coach me I would have been able to do it.  It's pretty cool though.  I'm surprised too I am getting myself out of bed at 5:15-5:20!"

I hope she doesn't mind that I just shared that!  Ooops guess I should have asked.
I never thought I would love it the way that I do either.
It's hard to find the time.
It's hard to find the energy.
But it's SO rewarding.

And if us mama's can do it, anyone can.
Does anyone else take crazy pictures of themselves on the treadmill??
I'm participating in the Fitness Friday Blog Hop (check out the link on my sidebar).
I seriously can't figure out why I can't get the link in my post (I've done it with other linky parties).
Frustrating .. if anyone knows point me in the right direction would ya?!  :o)


  1. I don't take crazy pictures on the treadmill (I'm way too uncoordinated for that)! But, I do take some pretty weird action shots of myself :-)

    Thanks for stopping by Uberlibrarian/Sarah Fitness! I'm following you back!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. How great that you inspired your friend. Amazing! Have fun running together!

    I don't take crazy pics on the treadmill, but I do text and tweet while on the elliptical.

  3. that is really what makes running so much better, what an awesome story and so glad you inspired!! i totally agree with her that its amazing how we can do something now when we couldnt at younger age. I seriously love it!

  4. BTW, I was never bored with your running posts on your other blog. But it's fun to read another one!
    I don't have a treadmill but maybe I could take a funny pic while I'm running in the early AM.

  5. I have decided to take up running and i am enjoying reading blogs of runners, - i may even try to take a photo! :)
    Found you on the FFBlog Hop!

  6. Heading over from the FF blob hop! I LOVE that quote! How great that you were able to inspire your friend!!

  7. How fun that you inspired your friend to take up running, and in such an enthusiastic way, too!

    Found you on the Fitness Friday Blog Hop today.

  8. Wow what a great inspiration. I found you on Jills blog hop. You can be an inspiration to me. You can find me at:

  9. I also want to say God Bless you with four children. I have four also, all boys and over the age of 18. You're a busy women and a blessing to your daughter!!!


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