Monday, September 5, 2011

Self made Dirty Girl!

A couple weekends ago, I realize this post is SO overdue.
But my friend Rebecca and I got together for a bike ride.
In order to get a good burn going we began our morning at 7am with a nice and easy 2 mile run.
Just a quick out and back to warm up our legs.
She's training for her first 5k as well so it was fun to run together for the first time.

Afterwards we were off on our bikes.

 Oopsie .. self portrait attempt one.
I chopped her half out!
 Ahh .. success!
Not bad pics from the camera in my phone I'd say.

We biked about 12 miles and it was awesome!
Highlights included a snake on the trail.
But the best part was when Rebecca rode through the water too quickly.
We stopped to take this picture and the guy behind us says,
"Don't worry girls, it's just a little mud."
It was funny!

I love our biking weekends.
In just a short couple of weeks we'll be running Racing Cane together.
Her first race ever!

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