Friday, February 10, 2012

The Rule or The Exception

I should have taken a picture of my lunch today.  See, I run on my lunch break 3 days per week.  I pick up my oldest boy from kindergarten on a fourth day, which leaves Friday as my only "free" day.  I use it to have lunch with my BFF .. sometimes my hubby.  Well today we had a "lunch meeting", which really translates to NO lunch break.  But the conciliation prize is that they buy you lunch.  Well as I walked in to my meeting one of my favorite co-workers was telling me about how she hates lunch meetings because she has to eat organic and gluten free because of a sensitive stomach.  Anyway .. all of this got me thinking.  There are people who definitely ail from things that medically require them to eat differently. 

People with allergies
Gluten intolerant

My own daughter, born with Prader-Willi Syndrome has some VERY specific diet guidelines.  To the point that people are pretty much legally obligated to accommodate, or make special exceptions.

But what about the rest of us?  Those of us that really want to just eat healthy.  That is OUR diet exception.  I certainly wouldn't want to be medically restricted to a certain diet, and I'm truly not downplaying this necessity at all.  BUT .. what I am saying is if I walked into that meeting and said, "I can't eat that.  Too much fat.  Too many carbs." etc.  Can you imagine?  Because people instantly get defensive over their own choices.  When really I wouldn't be judging anything that they want to eat.  Merely I would prefer to have a more healthy option.  I learned a long time ago through a bit of international travel that if you ask for a vegetarian meal on the plane you get WAY better food than the rest of folks.  I realize that I could have torn apart one of the sandwiches (removed the cheese, wiped off the mayo, etc), but even then I would feel like I was drawing negative attention to myself.  Trust me .. I am in no way saying I'm a food saint.  I like a good cheeseburger like the next gal.  But my weekday eating is actually the healthiest of all.  The occasional splurge I usually save for the weekend.  I guess my point is that it bugs me that people actually look down on you for wanting to eat healthy.  Primarily because it makes them uncomfortable with their own choices.

Anyway .. this is just what was rumbling around in my head today. 

In other news, this week there was a 20 year old girl that was attacked and sexually assaulted while running in Provo at 9pm alone.  My husband instantly freaked out and insisted I run with a co-worked when I go out.  Which by the way is in the middle of the day.  As we head into this weekend and the virtual run in honor of Sherry Arnold it really just got me thinking.  I hate that we have to worry about this as female runners.  I just wish we didn't have to worry for our safety in broad daylight, while running in "good" areas.

Also, I am working with my brother to put together a Ragnar Relay, Las Vegas team!  So excited at the thought of that.  Wouldn't be until November .. I'm really hoping those plans fall into place.  In addition, I manage a team of 10 folks at work.  I got it officially approved today to sign my whole team up to run in the Dirty Dash!!  It's team building.  They are so excited and so am I!!  How cool is that that my company will sponsor us doing that?  I think pretty cool.  We're hoping to talk my boss and my bosses boss in joining us as well.  I love that I work with a group of people that are willing to do something like this that isn't necessarily in their comfort zone.  I think they're pretty cool too!  They're already dreaming up costume options.

Lastly, I got a pair of these:

I don't plan to run in them.  But I plan to wear them as much as possible in order to strengthen my feet to help with my running.  Maybe one day I might transition to something like this for running.  But for now we'll start with walking.  But I AM hoping to transition to some of these for running.

Happy Friday!  Happy Running!

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  1. That is awful about the woman in Provo...really, truly awful :(

    I don't care what people think about my healthful food choices...and if they have some issue with it, it is totally on THEM. Peel off the cheese and scrape off the mayo proudly :)


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