Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Is this a joke?

So I headed out for my usual noontime run this afternoon.  Got a quick 3 miles in.  I always wait and eat my lunch after I run. I do not enjoy running on a full tummy.  And I pretty much eat the same lunch every day but Friday's.  Then I opened this:


I thought, well crap this must have been sitting in the back of my fridge.  I quickly found the expiration date, nope should have been good through 3/22/12.  What the heck?  I feel cheated.  Target owes me a new yogurt. These puppies aren't cheap!  I ate my sandwich and my cup of soup.  Alas, I will be hungry later.

The good news is I hear we're supposed to get some super warm weather this week!  YAY!  Because today was really cold.  I said to my running partner this must be what real winter running is about.  I didn't even bring my iPod today because I knew I was running with my co-worker and we'd just talk the whole time. 

As I look at my training schedule I am reminded with how far I've come.  This weekend is a cutback week.  I only have 3 miles on the schedule.  My immediate thought was 3 miles?  That's hardly worth the effort.  And yet this time last year I was in the thick of my 5K training.  I'm also very excited for the new running vest that will be arriving in my office at work tomorrow!  I have been eying a particular one for weeks now. Then randomly came across last years model for half the price.  I can't wait!


What do you do when what you've packed for lunch ends up moldy?  Go hungry or resort to something less healthy?
       --  I am trying to hold out until I get home. But that fudge cake bite in my mini fridge is calling my name!
Do you eat the same things every day out of convenience?
       --  I eat the same breakfast and lunch Monday through Thursday.  I know I won't gain weight and it     
            takes the thinking out of packing my lunch.

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  1. Yes, I'd be cashing in on a new yogurt...not cheap. :) I need to find me a running partner. How do you talk the whole time? Most people I know who run together wear their ipods and don't talk....I could never talk, far to winded. :)


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