Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Week 7 - Check

I can't believe we're down to less than 5 weeks before Vegas.
This week was pretty easy.
I really love the structure of having a training schedule.
And I know without a race hanging over my head I would not have the willpower to stick with it.

Week 7 Recap:

Monday:  Yoga
This was pretty easy. I popped in my Jillian Michael's DVD and just did it.

Tuesday:  Run 4.5
I hit the trail at lunch time from work.  My legs felt really strong for a Tuesday.  Usually I feel sluggish on Tuesday's.  I saw a guy from work on my way back. I said hi, he said nothing.  That always makes me mad when people can't be polite.

Wednesday:  Run 3
I really tried to focus on not thinking about the short distance. I don't know what it is about my Wednesday runs but they always seem so much longer than they should be.

Thursday:  Run 4.5
I rocked this one.  Felt awesome.  Had the right amount of layered clothes on.  I'm now always running in long sleeves midday.  Which means since I don't have a ton of long sleeve gear I'm doing more laundry which kind of sucks.

Friday:  Rest Day
And rest I did.

Saturday:  Cross Training 50 minutes
FAIL.  I did no cross training. In fact the husband and I went on a date.  I had a delicious Bleu Bacon Burger (I know I know, not good for me) and went to see Footloose.  It was awesome!

Sunday:  Run 7
I felt strong going into this run.  It's a distance PR for me, but I was 100% confident I would complete it with no problem.  I ran with my friend Rebecca.  It was dark when we started out but lightened up quickly. But it was darn cold the whole time.  Like 37 degrees cold.  I was shivering when I got home.  I don't think that the burger helped my tummy that morning.  I definitely felt a tad bit queasy but all was well and all the cookies stayed where they should have.  I was a little cold most of the run so next week I will dress warmer for sure.  I may have to give my long pants a try.

I seriously have been trying to get this post written all darn week!

Week 8:

Monday ~ Yoga
Tuesday ~ Run 4.5
Wednesday ~ Run 3
Thursday ~ Run 4.5 + Strength Train
Friday ~ Rest Day
Saturday ~ 50 min Cross Train
Sunday ~ Run 8

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  1. OMG, you just *look* cold! Awesome with your mileage! I hope we can meet up in Vegas, too. There'll be so many bloggers there!


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