Sunday, November 20, 2011

Week 10 - Recap

I was a blogging failure this last week.  It was a crazy week at work and I just didnt' feel like I had anything of interest to share.  Today's post isn't really interesting per se.  However, as I come to a close of my official training plan I know I need to document these last couple of weeks.  So we'll jump right into the recap of my training this week:

Monday - Yoga.  Complete.  I had both my big boys clamoring to join me on my yoga mat.  Wyland is actually quite proficient at his yoga poses. Jackson is a little more lazy about it.  But it's cute seeing them want to exercise with me.

Tuesday - 5 miles.  Complete.  Ran outside and it was a gorgeous day!  I think I passed the entire Accounting Department as I was headed back in to the office.  They were all trying to get their slice of the beautiful running weather pie!

Wednesday - 3 miles.  Done and was easy.

Thursday - 5 miles.  By Thursday's I'm normally feeling a little more tired. But this week I really focused on enjoying my runs.  This one also felt easy.

Saturday - 60 min Cross.  Fail. 

Sunday - 9 miles.  Complete.  I was really excited about this weeks run.  I mean, NINE miles!  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 .. umm that's a LOT!  And dare I say this one did not feel hard.  My BFF Rebecca has been kind of side lined with an ITB / Hamstring injury the past couple weeks.  I am so bummed for her.  She's worked so hard to run this race with me and was really looking forward to it. But today she came out anyway and rode her bike next to me the whole nine miles. We talked the entire time and it's my favorite run together to date.  The time flew by as we chatted.  Plus she said it felt like I was running fast because it was easier riding next to me than she expected it would be.  Well really I wasn't running fast but it was such a nice run.  I'm actually not worried at all at this point about my ability to complete 13.1 miles 2 weeks from today.  I know I'm going to do great.  And even with the injury I have a suspicion that Rebecca is still going to do much better than she expects. 

Lessons this week:  One thing I really tried to focus on this week was making sure that I didn't go out fast on ANY of my runs.  I actually didn't focus a lot on pace at all.  And I feel this really worked well for me.  Same thing with my long run today. I think it was the difference between feeling tired at the end and not.  I know the biggest thing I will focus on in Vegas is not getting too caught up in the excitement that I go out too fast.  I hope to help Rebecca do the same.  I also made a conscious effort to hydrate yesterday and not eat a total garbage meal last night for dinner.  I think perhaps all these things combined made for a very successful long run this week and I plan to repeat these habits next weekend.

So coming up this week:

Week 11

Monday ~ Yoga
Tuesday ~ 5 Miles
Wednesday ~ 3 Miles
Thursday ~ 5 Miles
Friday ~ Rest (or Black Friday Shopping!)
Saturday ~ 60 min Cross
Sunday ~ 10 Miles and MY BIRTHDAY!!

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