Monday, September 19, 2011

Racing Cane 5K Recap

Race day had arrived again.
I was originally planning to run the 10K at this event.
But when my friend Rebecca decided to train for her first 5K I knew it would have to be this event.
As Fall looms in here in Utah good races seem to be few and far between.
I have never actually run more than a 5K officially but I've run 6 miles in training so in a way I'd met a goal.
I knew I wanted to be at the finish line when Rebecca finished so, 5K it was.

My goal was simple:
I wanted to come in under 30 minutes.
I wanted to finish in the top 3 for my age group.
I wanted to "place".
They give medals to the top three and I wanted me a medal.
I grew up playing team sports.  Competition is ingrained in me.
I craves "wins" .. sad but true.
This was another Run13 event and I have to say I think they put on a good event.

So we were up and on our way down to Orem first thing Saturday morning.  I stuffed a couple pieces of peanut butter on toast in my pie hole and washed it down with a couple swallows of water.  I'm not entirely sure if that's a good thing or not. But usually the day before a race I hydrate really well.  Then race morning I just wet the whistle.  It works well for me.  At least for the 5K distance I don't have to worry that much about hydrating a ton before I run.  When I arrived I geared up right away. I had been worried I was going to be cold but it wasn't too bad.  Nothing my new Pearl Zumi arm warmers couldn't handle. 

See this past Saturday was the big local rivalry college football game.
I graduated from the University of Utah and am of course an avid UTE fan.
Their rival is of course BYU.

The race was down in Orem, which is well into BYU country.
My outfit of course mattered.

I was feeling awesome
I purchased special for the race a new RED Utes t-shirt.  Red speaks all on it's own on game day.
I train in running skirts but I'd only ever work capri's to actual races.  So today was another first.
And my socks speak for themselves.  I feel super sassy in them.
My friend Rebecca and I before the race.
Getting ready at the starting line.
For the first time I was planning to start at the head of the pack.
I love my socks.
Happy runner girl.  I was so excited to see my brother, his wife and my daughter Baylee around mile 2.
I was feeling so great and was maintaining a solid sub 10 min mile pace.
Race to the finish.
Then .. I was tired ....
My Garmin read 30:31, so I knew I was pretty close to my goal.
After I finished I walked back out onto the course to find Rebecca.
I ran the last quarter mile with her and was so excited she wanted me to join her.

I was anxious for them to post the first set of results.
When I walked over I found my name further down the list than I expected.
At first I thought that I finished 4th in my age group.
Upon closer look I was wrong.  I finished 3rd!!!
I was so excited.

Then as if that wasn't enough.  When I went up to the podium to get my medal the following took place:

Run13 Dude:  "Uhh .. what age group were you in??"
Me:  "35 to 39."
Run13 Dude:  "You do NOT look like you belong in that age group."
Me (HUGE smiled on my face):  "Thanks!!"
God bless that man!!

It was an awesome day!
I got a medal and a  PR.
My legs felt strong the entire race.  Well almost the entire race, the last half mile was kind of hard.
I shaved 4 minutes off my other two times and felt great.

What about you guys?  Do medals matter?

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  1. Congrats!! I think I'd be happier about the age comment than the actual medal :-) LOVE the socks.


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