Monday, February 2, 2015

Weekend Round Up {2.2.2015}

The theme this week was kind of a keep you head down and get it done kind of approach.  My husband was out of town all week for work and so it was just me and 4 kiddos.  As if that wasn't enough to force me to dig deep (think car pool 5 days versus 2) I then woke up with the distinct beginnings of a cold Friday morning.

The Workouts:

Monday - 5m Easy | 10:28 avg pace.  This run felt AWESOME.  I couldn't believe I felt so good coming off a 20 milers over the weekend.  My legs felt fresh though.

Tuesday - Barbell Strength Class - I didn't push as hard as I could have.  I made up for that on Thursday.

Wednesday - 8m Easy | 10:26 avg pace.  This was my last midweek longer run.  As I went to change for my run I found out that I had forgotten to pack my SOCKS.  I debated about asking a co-worker for a loaner pair.  But really there wasn't anyone that I could do that with.  I broke down and made a mad dash to the closest running store I could think of.  I wasn't prepared to risk blisters to run without socks.  And it NEVER crossed my mind not to run.  It caused me to stay quite a bit later to finish up but I was glad I did.  After the stress of the no sock situation the run was just okay.

      Salt Lake Running Company to the rescue.

Thursday - Barbell Strength Class - I pushed harder.  Took my squats deeper.  Tried not to give up when the instructor said we were close to the end and all I wanted to do was give up.

Friday - 5m Easy | 10:26 avg pace - This is when I started to get my cold.  The run was fine.  Legs felt strong.  But overall I was a little tired.

Saturday - 12m LSD | 11:24 avg pace - Husband was out of town so I reached out to one of my Daily Mile running buddies.  I was nervous to run with a group I had never run with before.  I knew they run a little bit slower than I would normally which for me was far better than trying to keep up with a speedier group.  I arrived right on time and started to get my hear situated.  See when Jerm and I run together we throw our earphones in and don't talk for hours.  I put my earphones in but never turned my music on.  I ended up running with my DM friends sister much of the time.  I made a very conscious effort to match pace with whomever was next to me.  Although towards the end she made several references to how fast I was (I'm not) and I actually fear that I won't be invited to go again.  Which actually makes me really sad because I had such a good time.

     Rose Canyon, UT  Deer seen on the run.

I felt really miserable afterwards due to the cold.  Spent most of the rest of the day on the couch watching "State of Affairs".

                                     Really just wanted to feel better.

Sunday - Rest.  I had planned to go to Yoga again but I just couldn't bring myself to do that with the cold.  The thought of hanging my head upside down didn't sound like much fun.  Not that I rested instead.  Went grocery shopping with 3 of my 4 kids.

Then Super Bowl party at my parents.  Which leads me to ...


Bad.  The week started out well.  I stuck to my plan, even making a big crockpot of Beef Lentil soup (for just me).  Then I got sick Friday and it just went downhill from there.  At that point I felt like crap and just wanted something easy.  Taco Bell for dinner (I'd been craving it for weeks).  Which left my belly not feeling so good on the long run Saturday.  Then pizza Saturday.  And lots of chips and dips on Sunday.

I need to pull it together.  I know this.  It could have been much worse on Sunday. I didn't eat as much as I could have, the only think saving me was less of an appetite than I've had lately.  If I'm not careful I'm going to gain all the weight back that I lost at the end of last year.

The Plan:

Lunches - Ham for sandwiches.  Salad stuff. Although salad just doesn't even sound good right now.

Monday - Steak and Veggies
Tuesday - Taco Soup (gym night)
Wednesday - Dinner at my parents
Thursday - Left over soup (gym night)
Friday - Eat out (I'm thinking Panda Express, simply because this works REALLY well for the long run the next morning)
Saturday - Chicken Enchilada Casserole and Salad
Sunday - Family dinner


What do you do when you're lacking motivation to get back on a healthy meal wagon?

Do you like to run with new people?


  1. Well that would just be dumb if that running group doesn't invite you back! I would like running with new people, I just never do! 99% of my runs are alone. But I don't mind that.
    I'm right there with you trying to eat healthy. Now that I'm in TN, I don't have to cook any meals, and that is really helping me. Of course I know that's not possible for you, but at least I don't have the temptation of being around food anymore. We can do this, girl!

  2. I wouldn't worry about not being invited back! I think it's more about finding someone you click with as a person and less pace. People can always adjust pace! More and more friends are willing to slow down for me. It's nice.

    And even though you don't think the diet was on point, the less than optimal choices are probably better than they would have been had you not been focusing on your goal. You have got this! And I need to make some taco soup. It will be great for the freezer.


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