Friday, January 30, 2015

Five Things Friday {Gym Edition}

So a quick five random things because this Mama is tired.  It's been a very long week and I have just a few minutes before I need to rush out to the door to take my boys to school.

1.  I had a lot of very frustrating moments  at the gym last night.  It's coming to the end of January and my classes are not thinning out much.  I'm really happy for the people that are sticking with it but there is such a thing as gym etiquette.  I arrived to Barbell class half an hour early.  Set myself up close to the door next to a couple of other girls in the corner, allowing myself plenty of room for my lunges and such.  After I headed out to the treadmills to finish getting  my steps in for the day (I'm a bit obsessed).  When I came back to class at the start two other girls had squished themselves in behind me leaving me very little room.  To top it off the one closer to the wall had a good two feet on her opposite side while overlapping on top of me on the other side.  SO SO irritating.

Side Note:  The two girls who were in the room when I first went in there to set up just sat there atop their benches for 30 minutes waiting for class to start.  Girls you're at the GYM .. go walk or ellipticize or cycle for 30 minutes.  Why are you just SAT there?

2.  Another gym related random.  We have a new instructor for the Thursday class.  She's getting better and I like her.  The Tuesday instructor is a veteran and awesome.  Long story short the Vet will very pointedly and specifically tell people when we get to abs and stretching at the end NOT to put their weights away.  Well Newbie doesn't do this and she always asks at the end of class for feedback.  I'm thinking next week I might suggest to her that she take the Vet's approach.  Because it never fails EVERY week as soon as we get to ab work 1 or 2 people start climbing over everyone else to put their crap away.  I can't stand it and get really pissed off if I'm being honest.  #1  I don't want a weight dropped on my head or a step bench thank you very much.  #2 MORE IMPORTANTLY it's incredibly rude to the instructor in my opinion.  As well as the other class participants.  And what you're saving yourself is all of 10 minutes tops!

3.  Texting!!  Why .. oh why do people feel the need to text in the middle of barbell class?  I know it has zero impact on me but I just don't get it!  Put the phone down people.

4.  People who don't take it seriously.  I'll be the first to own up to the fact that I am a Type A personality.  I get accused of being "too serious" or not being able to take a joke.  But last week, again in Barbell class, I had this couple next to me.  They aren't married, clearly they're dating.  The stupid girl was doing the whole giggly / flirty thing through the entire class.  Truly bugging the shit out of me.  Talking when the instructor is talking, which again is incredibly rude and distracting to people around them.  Especially when we've still go so many resolutioners in the class and they really need to HEAR what the instructor is saying.

As if that wasn't enough the same annoying girl actually bent down in front of me as I dropped to my mat for my ab work.  I'm holding a plank position bristling with annoyance because she and her boy toy are climbing over people to put their weights away after talking through the whole class .. her face in front of mine and she asks me if I'll put their mats away and the rest of her equipment.  I look at her and my face must have spoken a thousand words.  She says, "I'm sorry.  Is that okay?"  I'm dumbfounded.  My answer is "sure" because I'm not rude so what am I supposed to say?  But HOLY HELL I couldn't believe it.

5.  Parking.  There is a time and a place for little men in big trucks to pull in and out and in and out (and IN and OUT again) of a tiny parking spot just because it's a little closer to the door.  Not only am I trying to stop my 8 year old from getting run over, he doesn't know whether to go in front or behind the truck.  Is it coming or going??  But you are also squeezing your big ass truck into a teeny tiny space meaning that the cars on either side of you are now going to have a HELL of a time getting in their doors.  And HELLOOOOO  you are at the GYM for crying out loud!  You are at a place you go to to get exercise, improve your health.  Of all places don't you think that's somewhere you could go park your big ass truck out in the back nine where there's plenty of space??  Hoof it 30 feet further.  I'm thinking you're already wearing your walking shoes!

And in order to end this on a good note I was thrilled to see that the North Face Endurance Challenge will be coming back to Utah again this year!  This was my first trail race last year and I LOVED it!  Absolutely gorgeous and still SO hard.  To get the party started they're offering 20% off the lowest price registration until Feb. 2nd.  The code is 2015ECSUT20.  I get nothing for sharing this or anything, I'm not cool like that. But the email I got (since I was a past participant said to share the code with whomever).  So there you go.  I'll be signing Jeramie and myself up.  It was so awesome!

                              2014 North Face Endurance Challenge - perhaps my best race photo ever. 

                              The furball in blue cut off is my bro, followed by my husband, myself
                               and in white my sister in law.  


What is your biggest gym pet peeve?

Do you buy race photos?

     --  I bought these because I just loved them so much.  But normally I don't.

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  1. Yes. So much yes. I have noticed as an instructor that the amount of texting is insane. I tell people to get a drink of water, and they go to their phones. I'm not super cool so I never worry that there's a text waiting. Unless it's Mark, and he's looking for food.

    My biggest pet peeve would be not giving people enough space. Whether it's in group fit classes or getting on the treadmill next to me when there's 10 open, I can't stand feeling smooshed.

    I so wish I had you in my classes!


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