Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pay it forward.

Oh how I wish I could "make" others love running.
I am a typical A-Type personality.
My husband, Jeramie and I have been married for 5 years this year.
When we met he weighed 167 lbs.  He did MMA training.
He now weighs over 200 lbs and isn't happy with his weight.
I wouldn't even say that he looks like he's overweight.
He's 6 ft tall and carries it well.
But if I'm being honest, which I am, I'd like him to be a little less squishy.

He talks a LOT about what he's "going to do".
But he really lacks the follow through, sorry honey.

So in an effort to "help" I signed him up to run a 5K with me this month.
I continued to train.  He didn't.
Of course he ran the whole way, because that's what men seem to do.
He still beat me by less than a minute.
Which given that he's 5 years younger and 7 inches taller he should have beat me by much more!
Yep .. I'm a cougar.
Not really.  What makes you a cougar? 5 years? 10 years?

But I'm disappointed that he doesn't love it like I do.
I think he wants to.
But he doesn't.

I also tried to get my sister in law to run with me. 
She ran/walked the first 5K together with me.  But she didn't fall in love either.
I've moved on to another friend.  She's 3 weeks into the C25K program.
So far so good.  She's even bought some gear.

Maybe I've converted 1!
LOL .. because here in Utah it's all about converting people!

Do you too feel the need to share the bug?
Maybe it's just me.


  1. People always think I am *nuts* for liking running. I sometimes think I am nuts too. each their own, I guess. My hubs, shockingly enough, loved doing the 30 Day Shred with me. But he still hates running. Ass.

    ANYWHO. Saw your comment on Jodi's post about running at lunch - yeah, I am kind of red when I get back. I'm lucky to work in a super laid-back environment so it's okay if I'm red for an hour or so - no one really notices.

    It was definitely easier in the winter - less layers + cold = not as hot. My secret was always to bring a towel into the bathroom after, and I would 'dry' my hair like I had just got out of the shower. Hehhehee.

  2. You're hilarious! I love the "because here in Utah its all about converting people!"

    Now I feel like sloppy 3rds! You went through everyone before kicking my ass to start running. :p
    Glad you did though! I'm just happy I'm on your list, in the top 10. ;)

    I'll be excited when we can actually run together!


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