Monday, November 24, 2014

Accountability Monday

I wish I could come up with a clever catch phrase for this post, I'm at a loss however.  It's Monday and I want to start recapping my previous weeks workouts on Monday's.  So here goes.  This week really kind of sucked in all sorts of ways.


Plan:  3m Easy run + Yoga
Actual:  3miles, 10:40 avg pace
Treadmill, 1%

I had the day off work.  It was supposed to be a nice way to get a jump start on the week. However, in the early AM hours I was dealing with a barfing 6 year old.  As such I didn't sleep well at all.  I was up again at 6:15am to get Baylee off to school, back to bed.  Up again at 7:25am to get the boys off to school, back to bed.  I then slept away my morning.  When I woke up I had a text message from my mum that she'd decided to tell her bully boss to shove it and was now out of work.  This turned into lunch with my mum which got me back home barely in time to meet the kids home from school.  Come 7:50pm and I still hadn't run, I was hungry for dinner and dinner was ready.  Instead I changed and headed down to the treadmill and knocked out those miles. Knowing that I couldn't start out the week behind.  No regrets there.

Yeah .. no Yoga.

Plan:  Barbell Strength Class
Actual:  Barbell Strength Class

This was another near miss. I got a call at 2pm that my daughter had taken a spill at school, refused to get up.  Refused to get on the bus.  I was needed.  In a panic I called the doctors office to get an appointment ($20 office visit > than $40 instacare visit).  Rushed to her school.  Ankle looked ridiculous swollen...

After 2 hours at the doctors they determined it was a bad sprain.  It was 5pm, class started at 6pm so I RUSHED home, threw Baylee in the front door changed my clothes and walked into Barbell class literally with about 1 minute to spare.  So glad I still powered through and went to class.

Plan:  6m Pace run
Actual:  1 mile warm up at 5.4mph + 5 miles at Marathon pace 6.0mph, 10:01 avg pace
Treadmill, 1%

Today started with Wyland staying home from school because he had a stomach ache.  I always dread pace runs.  But this run went well.  It was easier than I expected and came to an end relatively quickly.  While my plan calls for all miles at marathon pace I always start with one mile of warm up, so I guess technically I'm cutting them all short by one mile.  As we went into the evening kid #2 started barfing.  Awesome!

Plan:  Barbell Strength Class
Actual:  Barbell Strength Class

Class was AWESOME!  I love the music of the Thursday instructor way better than the Tuesday instructor.

Plan:  3m Easy
Actual:  3 miles, 10:33 avg pace
Treadmill, 1%

My legs felt GREAT!  I enjoyed some Vampire Diaries on the treadmill.

Plan:  11m long run
Actual:  11 miles, 10:29 avg pace
OUTSIDE!  24 mph wind, some rain for the second half

Had a babysitter and my husband and I headed out.  I do love long runs.  It was supposed to rain and snow.  We were hoping the weather would hold out for us.  I started with a tank top, long sleeve, with my rain jacket on top.  A mile in we were stripping out of our rain jackets and stayed like that until after our turn around.

Love long run dates!

It was the perfect long run!  I ran the last mile at marathon pace. I always like to pick up that last mile to see how the legs feel at that point. It was comfortably hard.  My HR on the way out was labored, mainly I think due to the wind, we were running into it.  But then after we turned around and picked up the tailwind I felt pretty good.

Plan:  Rest
Actual:  Rest, and grocery shopping (no couch time)

It was a solid week of training and everything felt good.  I'm ready for my little 3 miler today before I head home.


Weight Watcher Weigh In:  1.6 lb loss.  
Not really earned but I'll take it.  I didn't track at all all week.  

What I did well:
While I wasn't tracking, I did still keep things in check.  My portion control was pretty spot on.  I ate mostly pretty healthy dinners and even though we ran long Saturday morning and went out to breakfast I had my traditional egg white, mushroom and avocado omelette.  Then had movie popcorn for lunch (I know, I know, not great) but thin crust pizza for dinner.  I didn't have many sweets, just some chocolate cake last night.

What didn't go so well:
I didn't track my points.  I know that I need to.

What I'm going to focus on this week:
It's Thanksgiving and my birthday AND my wedding anniversary.  All on the same day.  So I'm going to continue to focus on portion control.  I know there will be tons of veggie options for Thanksgiving dinner so I'm not really worried about that. I'm more worried about the birthday/anniversary meals out!


How strictly do you stick to your training plans?  Especially when it comes to warm up/cool down?

Do you have a game plan to stay on track this week with the holiday?

Thursday, November 20, 2014

POP QUIZ .. it's like high school all over

Do you all remember those survey's from high school?  Perhaps I'm dating myself here .. I will be turning the big 4 - 0 next week.  *vomit in mouth* .. seriously turning 30 was so much easier.

I digress.

The awesomely talented Kimberly at Healthy Strides tagged me in a post and I am most happy to oblige!  I'm generally NOT a cool kid but this week I felt a tiny bit cool.  Thanks Kimberly!

Four names that people call me, other than my real name





Four jobs I have had

Project Manager

Bartender  (I make a mean margarita!)

Collections Rep

Accounting Dept. Manager at a Termite and Pest Control company!

Four movies I've watched more than once

"Love Actually"

"Easy A"  .. I just love Emma Stone.  And all the 80's movies references .. melt my heart.

"Grease"  .. Who didn't know the words to all the songs and sing along like they were Sandy??

"Pretty Woman"  .. I mean c'mon who doesn't remember, "Big mistake .. HUGE .."

Four books I'd recommend

"Kite Runner"

"Memoirs of a Geisha" .. just awesome.

"Lean In"  .. I'm actually not even 100% finished but I'm LOVING the messages in this book.

Guilty Pleasure:  Black Dagger Brotherhood Series .. sexy vampires?  Yes please.  DON'T JUDGE

Four places I have lived

England .. born there.  Bet you didn't know that!

Los Angeles, CA  .. grew up there and it still holds a big chunk of my heart.

Sandy, UT

West Jordan, UT  .. but I don't drink the kool aid as one would say here.

Four places I have been

Paris, France



New York

Four things I don't eat



Fish .. cooked .. raw .. it's all just disgusting

artichokes .. unless chopped really tiny and mixed with spinach and LOTS of cream cheese .. because doesn't cream cheese make everything better??

Four of my favorite foods

Cafe Rio / Costa Vida Sweet Pork Salad .. come visit me and I'll take you there.  Your world will be rocked.

Sweet Potato fries

Cafe Zupas, Wisconsin Cauliflower soup .. so good.

Haagen Dazs, Peanut Butter and Chocolate ice cream .. Cold Stones Peanut Butter Perfection is a close second!

Four TV shows that I watch

Nashville .. I don't love country music but I LOVE this show

Chicago Fire  .. I don't know why but I've always loved fireman shows or emergency shows

Parenthood .. this should be at the top of my list.  I'm SICK that it's been cancelled, it's brilliant!

Vampire Diaries .. back to that guilty pleasure category .. the men are just gorgeous to look at.

Four things I am looking forward to this year (I'm thinking 2015)

No more child support to my husbands oldest son .. RAISE!!

Phoenix Marathon .. I need some redemption

We will be debt free come summer (except for our house)

Planning some sort of family vacation .. we're due.

Four things I'm always saying

"It is what it is."  I'm a big believer in accepting and moving on.

"Be quiet!!!"  .. usually yelled at one of my 3 boys.  They are just so loud!

"Please .. please .. just DO YOUR HOMEWORK."

"I am so worn out."

Four People I tag



Kim  .. it's been awhile

hello fancy pants  .. not sure if you read but just in case

and any other possible reader that might be out there .. join the fun!


Thanks Kimberly for making me feel cool this week!

Do you have kids?

Do you fight with them over homework EVERY night?

     -  Please someone share a trick with me!  Homework is going to be the death of me.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Tips for squeezing it in.


Are you too busy to work out?

How many times do you hear people say, I just don't have the time?

We all get the same number of hours in a day.  Every single one of us.  As with all things in life it comes down to what you choose to make a priority and what you choose to put on the back burner.  I'm not one of those runners who will go on and on about how much I love love love running.  Nope.  Because I don't know that I really do love running.  I started after I had my 4th and LAST baby.  I wasn't a track runner in high school.  Like so many other bloggers out there.


I started really running in my thirties!

I would say the reason I still run, now almost 4 years later is because it's a habit.  I do value having this healthy habit in my life.  Setting an example to my children that it's important to take care of your body.  That as a wife/mother/ and full time employed outside the home woman I still value the importance of taking care of myself.

I have F O U R children.

 One of those four children is disabled and a total handful.  Some days it takes all my patience.  There is nothing special about special needs.  Sorry, I'm saying it.  And I know many will condemn.  I cannot count the number of times I've been told that III am special.  Because III was chosen.

Alas, I still choose to make time for exercise.  So here are my tips on how to make it work:

1.  Plan.  Plan. And plan again.  Plan your meals.  I plan dinners for the entire week the week before. Not only does it make having the right ingredients on hand a snap.  But it takes the decision out of dinner.  So many benefits come with this one.  We eat healthier.  I plan around busy nights.  Some nights I PLAN to have a Lean Cuisine for dinner.  Throw some veggies in the steamer and dinner is ready with no prep work in 30 minutes.

2.  Plan.  Plan.  And Plan again.  Plan your workouts.  Write them down.  Know when you'll do them.  And then the night before you're planning by packing your bag.  By planning that on Tuesday and Thursday I want to go to Barbell class then I know to plan my meal around getting home at 7:15pm.  I know to pack running clothes for work AND capri's for Barbell class.  Because who (other than my husband) wants to see me bend over doing deadlifts in my running shorts?

3.  Get creative.  I run usually 3 days per week during my lunch hour.  Yes, this means that I have to eat at my desk which they say is so terrible for you. But the terrible part about eating at your desk is that you're distracted and eat more. But if you've PLANNED (see #1) your lunch then you're already portioned out and don't have to worry about overeating.  It's not always fun to run at lunch.  But it's how I get creative at squeezing it in.  I don't shower after, I use baby wipes.  Some people might think it's gross.  Whatever.  Nobody has ever told me I stink.  Biggest downside to this is my hair.  Up do.  All the time.

And don't be afraid to squeeze a walk in or a jog while getting outside with your kids.  I don't intentionally go out to run with my kids.  No jogger here.  BUT, I have been out with them before and wished I had my running shoes so that I could job next to them.  It's been a missed opportunity in the past, and I try to make sure it's not repeated.  I walk laps while my son is at soccer practice.  Baylee (my daughter) will walk some laps too.  And I don't feel obligated to walk them together with her.  She gets her work out in and I get mine.  Plus I'll drag my dog along too.

4.  Find a buddy.  I don't run with a buddy much anymore.  But I used to have a weekend running buddy and it kept me MUCH more accountable. I miss running with her and our Sunday morning chats.  This is my biggest challenge currently.  I'm pretty introverted, so I'm not big on running groups.  But for lots of people this works out well.  And I happen to know that my Lifetime Fitness where I live welcomes non-members to run club.  So maybe that's an option where you are.

5.  Always be signed up for a race.  This one may not be popular with everyone.  But it comes back to the whole accountability factor.  If I'm signed up for a race .. I mean committed .. I've paid my money!  Because I don't get free race entries.  Then I'm more likely to not "waste my money" and not train.

6.  Get. Over. The. Mommy. Guilt.  Seriously.  Get over it.  You and your kids are better off if you get your run in.  Again, this comes from someone that is not a self proclaimed obsessed runner.  But I do admit that if I need to get a run in and I'm having a hard time squeezing it in and I don't want to not check off that box on my training plan.  I start to get grumpy.

I like to check boxes off.  What can I say?

7.  Bike Commute to work.  So this isn't running specific.  But I got an UP band and for awhile I was obsessed with getting my 10,000 steps in.  40 minute commute to work a couple times a week really helped!  And I LOVED commuting to work on my bike. I loved knowing I was reducing my carbon footprint as well.

Best money ever spent.

8.  It is NOT the Dreadmill.  I love my treadmill.  Sometimes (often times these days) the only weeknight TV I get is while running on the treadmill.  I love plugging my headphones in my ears and just running while indulging in a little Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Prime Video.  Love.  Vampire Diaries anyone?  We have a treadmill at work and it's so convenient.  Plus in the summer when it's 100+ degrees outside, I don't have to go out and melt.  Great excuse to hop on the mill.

9.  Make it a date.  As I mentioned I dearly miss running with my best girl friend. But since then my husband and I have spent many a Saturday morning or day off starting with a long run.  We still want to get out and explore some local trails before it's too late.

10.  Multitask.  I will be getting a spin bike for my birthday in a couple weeks.  Jeramie already knows that the bike is going in our living room.  Is he thrilled?  Nope.  But I know it will get used if it's upstairs, rather than in my basement.  I can't wait!  Spin while bonding with my husband on the couch over some Walking Dead?  Yes please.

That's it.  That's actually a pretty good list there.  All of which I can personally attest to.  I never said that finding time was easy.  And it isn't always convenient.  But if you choose to make it a priority then the time is there to be found.


What ways have you gotten creative to find time for exercise?

Netflix / Hulu / Amazon Prime Video .. what's your poison?

What shows are you loving right now?
          -  I'm gorging on Vampire Diaries and Sons of Anarchy.