Monday, December 30, 2013

Has it really been almost an entire year?

Well .. here I sit.  I can't believe my last blog post was almost a year ago.  I love love love reading other bloggers and yet when it comes to my own, I think who wants to know what I'm thinking?

Alas, here I am again.  Hopefully this isn't the last you'll hear from me for awhile.  My goal, at least once per week.  I can do this.

Looking back at 2013.  It was a big year for me. 

I ran my first marathon!!!  

My thoughts:  It was hard.

Then I accidentally ran my second marathon!!!

My thoughts:  I thought it would feel easier.  It didn't.  It was still REALLY hard.

So I guess that means marathons are HARD and not for sissies.

This was me about 9 miles in, hitting the downhill part of the course.
Feeling GOOD!

And then I hit the 20's and shit got HARD.
I am SOOO grateful for my husband who jumped in with me around mile 19.

 My moment.
I became a marathoner.

That was Utah Valley Marathon.  I think it's probably the best shape I've ever been in in my entire life.  I was down to my lowest weight of my adult life, without really feeling hugely deprived. I was just committed to the healthy lifestyle.  Then I went on a week long trip to Mexico (WITHOUT kids) and then we spent a week in California with the kids and things just kind of fell apart after that.

I digress .. so when I say I accidentally ran a second marathon, let me explain.  St. George Marathon is kind of known as the coveted marathon in the state of Utah.  You have to get in via lottery however.  After two tries you're guaranteed entry on your third try.  Well I entered my husband and myself just to get one of our "tries" out of the way. And wouldn't you know we got in.  I can honestly say I was disappointed.  Training for a marathon during the really hot months of Utah was not on my list of things to do.

As you can see.  This one didn't feel any easier.

And I ran it slower.  Thinking that that might make me feel a little better towards the end.  Yeah, I was wrong.

I really should have done true race recaps on them both.  However, I'm starting fresh with the blog and that's what you're getting for now.  So 4:21 is the time to beat in 2014.  We (Jerm and I) entered another lottery for the Ogden Marathon .. and got in!  But I actually kind of did want to get into this one.  My goal, is to come in under 4:15.  Running my marathons in 2013 my goal was simply to finish them.  This time around I'll be adding speed work to the training.  So we're running for a time goal.

I just sat down and wrote my January training into my Erin Condren Life Planner.  And I'll be honest, I kind of want to cry a little.  I know it's going to be hard work this time.  I'm going to push myself harder than I have in quite awhile.  Push my work/home/run balance more than I have since this time last year.  But I thrive with goals.  I know this.  I'm hungry for this goal. 

I guess among other things I should really think through some tangible 2014 goals.  I don't love the term "resolution".  I like goals!

What about you.....

Have you run a full marathon?  More than one?  Does it get easier?  (please tell me it does)

Do you like resolutions or goals?  Do you have any for 2014 yet? 


  1. You rock Kerry. I didn't know what your time goal was. You are so going to get it this year.

  2. It looks like most of the blogs on my reading list have thrown in the towel. I'd taken a HUGE blogging break and am so surprised at how many quit. I don't really have any running goals right now except to build up my endurance again. I've been a big slacker after my 3rd half. :)


  3. Girl!! PLEASE blog again! I'm begging here! :)
    I loved reading about your 2 marathons. And your time was ridiculous! I would love to run that fast.
    I want to hear about your training now!


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