Thursday, April 19, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1.  Okay, so I saw very little discussion about this weeks Biggest Loser in blog world this week and it was a pretty big week.  I just have to say my peace.  I am so disappointed in Mark and Buddy that they quit.  I think it was unbelievably ungrateful of them and disrespectful of them to the show, to their trainers, and to the previous contestants.  Granted my kids were bouncing around during the show and I know that I missed some bits and pieces.  The show always pulls twists like this.  And if the eliminated contestants have gone home and worked hard to continue their journey without the help and support of the show then GOOD FOR THEM.  Really I was disappointed that they all pulled that little stunt that they did.  I thought they all looked like spoiled brats.  Ahhh .. the whole show just make me so mad.

2.  I'm also disappointed that it's Kim and Conda as the final two.  I don't much care for either one of them.  So I'm really hoping one of the eliminated contestants that I previously liked comes back to give me someone else to cheer for!

3.  Thank you for your comments after yesterdays post.  I think I'm going to listen to you all and start out at a 2:20 pace and then after 2 miles see if I feel like I can push it some more. I really appreciate you guys taking the time to respond!

3.1  I opened these today and let's just say I ate a lot of them!  I have been so hungry this week.  I think I'm embracing the "carb load" idea a little too much!

My mum brought me the whole packet back from England.  They really are one of my favorites.


So did you have any thoughts about this weeks Biggest Loser?

Are there any cookies that you just can't stop eating?  Maybe I'm missing out on some American ones.

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