Thursday, December 1, 2011

Trotting Like a Turkey

At the last minute .. we're talking a couple days before we registered for a Turkey Trot.
I had 5 miles on my training plan for Thanksgiving.
Something told me this would be the best way to ensure I did some running.
I am still amazed that in less than a year I've gone from thinking, my 5K goal was to run the whole way.
No walking.  That was it.

And now, in less than a year I think about 3.1 miles and I think EASY.

Well sort of.

Anyway .. I digress.
Registered for my first ever Turkey Trot.
Running with my husband, brother and sister in law, and her parents.
However, at 6:30am on Thanksgiving morning it really wasn't feeling like my best idea ever!

Rachel, Evan, myself, Jeramie, Laurie, Mark

Woke up to this pretty sunrise.

And my brother surprised me with these bad boys.
Look at them sexy Howard legs!!!

Jeramie and Evan.  Always good for a laugh.

 He doesn't run with me often.  But it's fun when he does.
I'm still trying to turn him into a runner.

Do you know what I hate about race photos?
Because races are always first thing in the morning I never have any make-up on.
My face looks dead to me!!!

Race day outfit.  With my turkey legs!

So on to the results!
The BEST thing about this race was that my brother was running.
He's I dunno .. 6 foot 4 inches or something like that.
AND he's 11 years my junior.

He was my rabbit!!

Since I haven't been doing any speed training at all I wasn't really sure how hard I could push it.
And I had no intention of pushing it too hard because I had 1 week of training left before Vegas.
I did not want to injure myself.

My official results:
Time:  28:56.0
#15 in my age group
160 of 1825 women
Pace:  9:20.0
I got a PR without really planning to!!!

Jeramie's results:
Time:  28:55.8
I registered him in the Clydesdale division.
He placed #20.
If he had run in his age group he would have placed #30.

Evan's results:
Time:  28:19.0
#53 in his age group
Pace:  9:08.1

Now considering I'm 11 years older than Evan and 5 years older that Jeramie ...
well I'm feeling really good about my race!!

I have Evan to thank though.
If I wasn't chasing his super short red shorts I wouldn't have run as strong.

And I felt really strong too.  My legs were strong.  My lungs were good.
It was a great run!!

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  1. Great run! How fun to do it with your whole family!!

    Are you going to make it to any of the blogger meetups in Vegas? I'd love to meet up! email me


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